Located in Western Washington County, and nestled next to Oregon’s Coastal range, our Customers have confidence that plants grown in our nurseries will continue to thrive anywhere in the United States.

Izzy’s Nursery has three locations to best cover growing conditions and our Customer’s Needs.  We have the facilities setup to handle today’s needs and future growth.  We continue to grow our operation with our current Customer’s needs, but also have capacity to scale up with future Customer needs.

All Locations are closely located to each other, and make visiting the three nurseries easy with a few minutes drive.  There are a few wineries to enjoy nearby to take advantage of if you visit any of our nurseries.

Osterman Farm

40549 NW Osterman Rd,

Forest Grove, OR   97116

Our Osterman Farm is set up to handle our seedlings,  and cuttings.  Extra attention at this farm ensures all our plants have every advantage to have a great start, and establish healthy roots.  Osterman Farm is situated just north of Verboort, Oregon.

Thatcher Farm

4352 NW Thatcher Rd,

Forest Grove, OR  97116

Thatcher Farm, just north of Forest Grove, is located between our two farms.  This is our Container farm where we maintain all of our container plants and trees.  This space contains potted plants and trees.  This facility allows for open air growth, and is equipped with 12 large green houses and 30 acres.

Gales Creek Farm

9911 NW Lilly Lane,
Gales Creek, OR 97117

Gales Creek sits in the foothills of the Tillamook forest, and is an ideal location for our B/B (Ball and Burlap) operation.  This is a large fertile location, that allows us to capture the amazing natural resources that Oregon Provides.  Plants and Trees planted at this location has Oregon’s signature.